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So Grateful!~ When we decided to move from Washington to California, purchasing a home in a good neighborhood was our priority.  A good family friend, referred us to Kimberlie and there are not enough words to express our gratitude.  Kimberlie, helped us identify the perfect community and then worked with us through the long and dobis process to find the perfect home!  Kimberlie was patient and kept us on track, she never got frustrated and was always excited to work with us.  We so greatly appreciate her, her time and her guidance!  If you need a great Realtor who looks out for you, call Kimberlie!

Amber and Dan R

Kimberlie, was referred to me by a co-worker.  I was working with another realtor and wasn't getting the service and help I needed.  I felt frustrated and cast aside!  Kimberlie was a breath of fresh air.  She helped me understand the market condition, she previewed several homes with me and finally helped me secure the winning offer to my perfect home. I am so grateful, Kimberlie was shared with me, there is no other agent you should work with!

Pam G

My daughter and son in law had worked with Kimberlie on several real estate needs and just raved about how great she was to work with... When it came time for us to move Roseville to be closer to our family and Grand-daughter there was no one else we wanted to work with!  Kim, helped us find the perfect home and kept my husband engaged in our plan to relocate; he was a little unwilling to move!  We now live in a great community, with a wonderful home and get to enjoy our grand daughter all the time!  If you have any real estate needs whether it is to buy or sell your personal home or an investment property call Kim, the service she provides is austonishing!

Julie and Steve L

Kimberlie, helped me purchase my first home and she was amazing to working!  As a first time home buyer, I was a little unsure of the process and steps, but Kim guided me through the entire process.  I found a great home, in the neighborhood I wanted and secured a price that was below market value.  I am so excited to own my own my home and I am so grateful to Kimberlie.  Without her help and support through this process I know I wouldn't have the home I have!

Jose M

We hired Kimberlie year's ago to help us purchasing our first home, she was referred to us by my parents who had worked with Kimberlie.  When it came time that our family had out grown our home and we wished to move from the city to country with more space, there was no doubt as to who would help us.  We worked with Kim on the sale of our home in Lincoln, which sold quickly and for a higher price then we thought.  We then continued to work with Kim on the purchase of our next home.  Kim was patient and helped us identify exactly what we wanted.  We found our new home and Kimberlie helped us secure the winning bid in a multiple offer situation.  We had a few stumbles along the way with our loan, but ultimately we secured the perfect home with the loan program we had wanted all because of Kimberlie's direction.  There is no doubt Kimberlie looks out for what her clients want and helps them secure it.  She is our family agent and friend!

Matt and Rachael M....

Kimberlie was referred to us by a friend.  We were purchasing our first home and not sure what the steps were or the process was to do this.  We meet with Kimberlie who quickly helped us understand the current market conditions and what was needed to qualify for a loan.  We then started looking at homes and after a short period we found the perfect home!  Kimberlie helped us negotiate a fair price and win the property in a multiple offer situation.  Kimberlie guided us through our inspections and the closing process ensuring we closed 3 days a head of schedule!  I am so grateful for the referral and so honored to have worked with Kimberlie.  You won't be disappointed if you hire Kimberlie to help you with your real estate needs!

Martina and Eric B.....

We have used Kimberlie for all our real estate needs!  We can't imagine not using her services to buy or sell a property.  Kimberlie, provides valuable details about both the purchase and the sale of your home's.  She has helped us secure higher then market offers on the sale of our home's and she has negotiated prices for our purchases that are fair and solid.  She is on top of all the details, no concern is every bushed aside, she communicates openly and quickly and Kimberlie has never missed a closing deadline.  After 2 sales and 2 purchase in the last two years we are finally in our Dream home and while we will not be needing Kimberlie's services we continue to refer her to family and friends and she is now a family friend!

Mike and Heather B....

Kimberlie, was referred to us by good friends who had used her services and loved her.  From the moment we met with Kimberlie, we understood why!  Kimberlie spends time understanding your needs and then helps you find solutions to solve them.  We had purchase our home during the height of the market and we love it... but as the market shifted our home became financial burden we were unsure we would ever get out from under.  Kimberlie, helped us purchase a new home perfect for our family in a great school district for our kids.  The home had everything we wanted and was perfect.  Once we purchased our new home, Kimberlie then helped us sell our old home. It sold prior to hitting the market for a higher price then we thought.  Kim guide us through the sale and we successfully closed on time.  There is no better agent to help you with your real estate planning then Kimberlie

James and Jennifer V....

I met Kimberlie through a friend who knew her; I was told she was the person to help me figure out my real estate needs and she was!  I hired another agent to sell my home and quickly realized what a mistake I had made!  I reached back out to Kimberlie for help with purchasing my new home and was so grateful for her professionalism.  She helped me and my family find the perfect home, with everything we had hoped for.  Kimberlie negotiated a great price and made sure all of our concerns were covered.  She walked us through every step of our purchase and ensured our buy was smooth and closed on time.  I only wish I had used Kimberlie to sell my home too, things would been so much better with her service and guidance.

Tish H....

It had been a long time sense my husband and I owned a home; we were so excited and yet very nervous about our purchase.  Kimberlie, was referred to us by our CPA, Howard Rudd.  Kimberlie helped us understand our loan options and payments, she spent time helping us look at homes and identify what we wanted and needed and then she negotiated a great purchase price for us. Kimberlie walked us through all the steps and ensured our purchase was a smooth process.  There is no other agent we would recommend you use, Kimberlie, is simply amazing at her job and has now become a family friend!

Jim and Judi T...

We were so excited to work with Kimberlie on the purchase of our Dream home!  Kim, helped us find the right home, in the right community and then negotiated a great purchase price with the Bank we purchase it from.  We LOVE our new home, it has everything we have ever wanted and is perfect for us!  We know when it is time to sell our old home Kimberlie will be the perfect person to work with.  Thank You for helping us achieve our retirement dreams in our dream home!

Craig and Sharon B...

Kimberlie, was such a help to our family.  We had purchase our first home when the market was strong and as the market shift we found ourselves upside down and lost as to what to do.  Our home was nice, but not large enough for our growing our family.  We met with Kimberlie and she helped us buy a great home, in a beautiful neighborhood, large enough for our family.  She then helped us sell our smaller home getting us out from under it.  We have so appreciated Kimberlie's guidance and help that we have referred her to family and friends for their real estate needs.  If you need real estate service's Call Kimberlie, she will help you make the right decisions

Rosa and Emilio O...

Kimberlie is the best Real Estate Professional!  Kim worked with us to sell our home through a short sale.  She negotiated with the bank, assisted with the inspections, and ensured our closing happened without any problems.  Her dedication and commitment to help us understand the best option for us showed in everything she did!  She even was able to get us $5,000 from our bank to assist with moving expense.  If you need someone to look out for you, Call Kimberlie!

                                                                                    Merae R….

We recently short sold our home; with Kimberlie help!  We were upside down in equity and not sure what our options were.  Kimberlie, helped explain the short sale process and with her assistance we were able to sell our home.  We never missed a payment and the short sale was approved in 3 months.  Working with Kimberlie was the best decision we ever made
                                                                                    Kris and Jaylene Y….

We had listed our home in Placerville for sale 2 year ago with a different Real Estate Agent.  Two years later our home was still available, and we had gotten nowhere.  Frustrated and disappointed we were referred to Kimberlie.  Kim, met with us explained our challenges, the market conditions and our Short Sale option.  She listed our home and completed our short sale in 4 months!  Kim’s knowledge of market conditions, experience with working with the banks and customer service result in you selling your home in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount stress and with the best possible terms!      
                                                                                    Kelly P and Samantha S….

My family and I were relocating to Roseville from LA; we called Kimberlie because we were interested in a home she had listed.  We quickly found an agent who understood the things that were important to us and the challenges of relocating.  Kim guided us through the purchasing process and negotiated the best terms and price for us.  She assisted with all the details and was our advocate.  Thank You Kim for assisting with our purchase and for become one our first friend in Roseville!
                                                                                    Syed and Uzma S…..

I had the pleasure of working with Kimberlie on the short sale of my home.  Kim, was professional and always looked out for my best interest.  She was able to negotiate and close my short sale in 2 ½ months!  Working with Kim was the best choice I made.
Steve W…..

Kim assisted my parents with selling their home and when it came time for my family to buy our first home my Mom and Dad encouraged us to work with Kim and I am so glad we did!  Everyone told us with our first home we would have to settle, but not Kim.  She listened to everything we wanted and needed and then found a home that had it ALL; negotiating price and terms that were in our favor.   Kim assisted with inspections and guided us through the closing; we even closed early!  You hear stories of how difficult buying a home can be, but when you work with Kim everything falls into place.  Thanks Mom and Dad for referring Kimberlie!
                                                                                    Rachael and Matt M….

Thank You Kimberlie!  Kim helped my family and me with our relocation to Elk Grove.  Finding a home that fit our needs and negotiating a price and terms that were in our best interest.  Working with Kimberlie was the best choice we made!
                                                                                    Rich V….

Unsure if a short sale was in our best interest, Kimberlie took the time to explain the process and details so we felt comfortable and informed about our choice.  Working with Kimberlie was the best decision we made.  Kim’s customer service and commitment to her client’s shows in everything she does.  If you don’t know what to do and need guidance about your real estate options call Kim, she’ll help you figure out what’s best for you and your family
                                                                                    Carla and Tony S…

When it came time for me to buy a home I knew working with Kimberlie was the best decision I could make.  Kim assisted me with the short sale of my home and less than 1 year later she helped me buy a new home!  While my purchase was not the easiest Kim’s strong communication skills; ensured everyone knew what was going on and how we would move forward.  She secured the best price and terms for me and always looked out for my best interests.  Working with Kim is the best choice you can make!
                                                                                    Samantha S….

Kimberlie was there through it all…. The short sale of my home was difficult to say the least.  Bank of America was not open to working with me and challenged every step of the short sale process.  Kim’s tenacity and determination to see my short sale through to the end was amazing; must agents would have given up; but not Kim.  Her ability to think outside the box and be creative is what led to my short sale being approved.  There is no other agent I will work with when it comes to my real estate needs!
                                                                                    Carrie G....

I was tired and ready to give up, frustrated with my lender who refused to assist me with a loan modification. I thought my only option was Foreclosure.  Kimberlie helped me see I could short sale my home and she provide me with the knowledge and understanding to get me through the short sale process.  Kimberlie negotiated with banks monitored the sale with the buyer and ensured we closed on time.  Her dedication to her clients goes beyond the sale and I now feel like I not only have an agent for life but a friend as well.
                                                                                    Pamela C.... 

The ending of our marriage and the reality of what to do with our home was a struggle.  Kimberlie was referred to us and she was a blessing.  She helped us see that short selling our home was the best choice.  She explained the steps to both of us and kept us both in loop as the sale progressed.  Negotiating with Bank, overseeing the sale, and closing us on time.  It was a huge relief working with her for both of us.  We both could not have worked with a more professional and dedicated Real Estate Agent.
                                                                                Robyn & Mike S... 

My husband and I worked hard to be able to enjoy our retirement; we brought the home of our dreams in 2005.  We had a plan but things changed; and now we weren’t sure what to do.  Kimberlie meet with us and reviewed our options, she explained the short sale and why it was the best plan for us to get out from underneath our home.  Her patient and calming approach helped assure us we were making the right choice.  She negotiated the deal with the buyer and the banks and helped coordinate our closing.  Her commitment to helping us showed in everything she did.  Thank You!     
                                                                                    Leona & John S...      

 My granddaughter Jesse met Kimberlie at an open house; her friendly and professional demeanor impressed not only my granddaughter but also my daughter as well.  When it came time to sell the home I had lived in for over 30 years there was no one we felt more comfortable working with then Kim.  She sold my home, in 14 days, securing an offer for higher then what we thought my home would sell for.  She coordinated the inspections, the move out, and the repairs ensuring every detail was handled for me.  More importantly she understood the emotional attachment we all had to my home and she provided us with the ease of letting go and moving on….  Thank you for all your support and kindness.
                                                                                    Sumika H... 

We bought our home in 2002 and thought we had secured a loan we could afford.  As retirement age approached and our income become a fixed number we began to realize we were upside down.  Unsure what to do; Kimberlie was referred to us.  She meet with us reviewed our options, discussed what a short sale is and helped us determine this was right choice for us.  She was always patient and kind, explaining things to us so we could understand them and timed our closing so we could move on with our lives.  She was a blessing to us.
                                                                               Helen & Carroll S...

Selling my dad’s home was difficult, but Kimberlie was supportive and compassionate in helping us with the sale.  She explained the market, informed us what we could do to improve the home before we hit the market, coordinates repairs, and secured an offer higher then what we thought it would sell for.  Kimberlie made the sale a relief and it was truly an honor to work with her.
                                                                                Paul & Diane D...

Kimberlie got my short sale approved with Bank of America in 26 days... It was the fastest short sale ever.  She negotiated with the bank, secured an offer for above our approved price, and closed us quickly.  She was understanding and sympatric to our situation and a joy to work with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to short sale their home.
                                                                                    Cinnamon R...

There is no other agent you would want to work with then Kimberlie!  Kim took the time to help us see our options regarding our investment home.  We were upside down and unable to rent it for what our mortgage payment was.  Being retired and on a fixed income had us stressed about what to do.  Kim explained the short sale steps, helped gather our financial documents, worked with our lender and secured an offer that allowed our home to be sold.  The relief of selling this home was huge and we could not have accomplished this without her.  We feel blessed and honored to work with such a professional and compassionate Real Estate Agent
                                                                                    Gene and Ilene S...

I think I hold the record for the longest buyer to work with Kim.  It took my 18 months to find the right home and close escrow.  Kim’s patient and calm approach to assisting me with my first home purchase was amazing.  She never got frustrated with the hundreds of home I wanted to look at.  She always provided me with market information and property details to ensure I wrote a strong and solid offer.  There are lots of agents to work with, but working with Kim ensures you work with an agent who looks out for your best interest and secures the best deal for you.
                                                                                    Matt V...

I don't know what we would have done without Kim, she negotiated with both lender's; coming to terms that worked for all.  We felt she looked out for our interest throughout the entire process and after helped us repair our credit so we can buy another home... She is our Agent for Life!
                                                                                           Jeff & Michelle C.. 

There is not a better agent to help you through this difficult time.  Kim's professionalism, honesty and commitment show in everything she does; I feel blessed to had her help; I don't know what I would have done without her!
                                                                                             Jim G.....

Kim gave us hope and guided us through our Short Sale.  She always made sure we know what our options were and educated us about our choices.  Because of her; we did not lose our home in Foreclosure, she always put our needs first; it was comforting to know she was on our side!
                                                                                            Tom & Sonja F....

Kim helped my family relocate from Southern California; She provide us with information about all the area's, previewed homes for us and helped us find the perfect home.  Kim always listened to our needs and wants and ensured our interest was looked out for.  She even renegotiated our offer when the appraisal came in lower!  She is considered a member of our family now and everyone looking to relocate to be closer to us will use her services when they decide to buy in Sacramento!
                                                                                           Mike & Sandra R...

When it came time for me to purchase a home there was no other agent I wanted to work with then Kim.  She spent hours helping us find the perfect home.  She never got frustrated with the multiple homes we looked at and always provide us with detailed information about the homes, neighborhood and pricing.  She negotiated the best price and terms for me and ensured every detail was handled.  This was the best experience I have ever had in purchasing a home!
                                                                                             Kat W......

What's there to say other than; I was so happy that I worked with Kim on the purchase of my home.  She always looked out for my best interest, ensured the terms were in my favor and was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had.  She is my agent for Life!
                                                                                            Stef T.... 

Kimberlie, followed through on any issues.  She was Friendly, Helpful, Responsive, and Professional.   She always was willing to accommodate our schedules and needs.  She is just plain Awesome!
                                                                 Laura & Kevin G…

Kimberlie~has helped in everything we needed.  She has gone the extra mile several times, giving us help with referrals that were outside of our builder’s area of responsibility.
                                                                                  Alan & Shana M….
 Kimberlie, A general awareness of our needs was always demonstrated, which was very refreshing.  She always was prepared to discuss our needs
                                                                              Robyn & Marc A….

Kimberlie, always demonstrated Excellent Follow Through & Communication
 Patty & Patrick G….


Kimberlie Hicks, Negotiating Your Home Dreams, Keller Williams Realty. Roseville Real Estate, Natomas Real Estate, Sacramento Real Estate, Elkgrove Real Estate, El Dorado Hills Real Estate.
Kimberlie Hicks
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Kimberlie Hicks, Negotiating Your Home Dreams, Keller Williams Realty. Roseville Real Estate, Natomas Real Estate, Sacramento Real Estate, Elkgrove Real Estate, El Dorado Hills Real Estate.
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